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We have no setup or registration fees or ongoing subscription costs. You are only charged when you rent a car. So get started for FREE!
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Car rental at half the price

Peer-to-peer car rentals are cheaper than other traditional car rental and/or sharing companies. So you can save up to 50% off normal fees. It's also a great fun way to meet others.
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Find a car near you

We have a large selection of privately owned cars to suit your needs throughout NZ. Easy customised rentals for short or long term duration (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly available).
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Upgrade insurance and roadside assistance - click here

We fully cover all rentals and even provide roadside assistance. Our rating system and extended member profile checks provide safety.
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Book your dream car

Always wanted to cruise around in your dream car? Want to impress the boss at a job interview? We have a large and diverse fleet to choose from so you can ride in style.
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Environmentally friendly

Manufacturing cars impact the environment. Do the world a favour and rent a car that is already there.