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Who are we?


With over 15 years experience in the car rental industry, Henrik Stovring discovered an alternative form of car renting without the ridiculous surcharges linked with intimidating big-brand rental service providers. This new Peer to Peer (P2P) concept had proven results globally.

When he arrived in New Zealand, Henrik noticed that we Kiwis were missing out. Traffic congestion in some of the major cities alone is just plain crazy and parking is a nightmare too. So, Henrik began his intense research and analysis of our transportation options here.

As a result of this market research, Henrik decided to team up with some of the biggest players in the P2P car rental industry.

Two and a half years later he re­created the inspirational P2P concept launching:



Based on good old Kiwi Trust



Picture of founder

Henrik Stovring


Team members

Munya Chitongo

CSR Manager

Team members

Emin Grbo

Front End Design
Team members

Goran Sambolic