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FREE Registration No ongoing subscription fees You only pay the rental price listed for the car you wish to rent
FREE Registration FREE vehicle listings and no ongoing fees You receive the bulk of all income earned by renting out your vehicle

Pricing Policy

At MyCarYourRental we believe in an open plan policy. This means that all the money you have earned and fees charged are visible under your profile.

We charge a small commission fee on cars that have successfully been rented out. Currently, the average fee is 31.8% but this depends on a number of contributing factors. We deduct our commission from the vehicle owner's income he/she receives on each rental. The rental income is then paid out to the vehicle owner each month.

What our commission fee covers:

  1. Pre-Approved and background checked users
  2. Preparation of all necessary contracts and documents ensuring a safe rental
  3. Secure online payment solutions
  4. 100% full cover insurance for both parties during each and every rental period
  5. Free vehicle listing and marketing through
  6. 24/7 friendly customer service team based right here in NZ!
  7. A validated rating and feedback system, creating stronger communities based on good Kiwi trust
MyCarYourRental works on the principle that if you rent out your vehicle, you pay the commission and that's it! There are no added fees!

We don't want you to spend any money before you are sure to get something in return. We truly believe in our concept; hence there are no establishment fees for signing up as a member or FOR listing your car. MyCarYourRental is 100% free to use!