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We are very proud of our concept and are happy to share our story with anybody. Get in contact with MyCarYourRental and help us spread the word to everybody. Founder Henrik Stovring is always happy to have a talk!

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Henrik Stovring
CEO / founder

Phone: +64 (0)21 905 007


Press Releases:

Press release - 22.08.2016. enters the Davis Awards  Download PDF

Press release - 02.08.2016. pass another milestone - 400 cars  Download PDF

Press release - 24.04.2016. pass milestone in no time.  Download PDF

Press release - 24.03.2016. is to sponsor an old banger for Bluff.  Download PDF

Press release - 14.03.2016. launched New Zealand wide - ready to rent out! Download PDF

Press release - 26.02.2016. Set to Enter P2P Rental Market within Coming Months.

 Download PDF
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MyCarYourRental is always written without any spaces between and as one word, with capital letters.


Here are some screenshots you can use. Feel free to crop them, but do not strech them or scale them up.
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