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We are very proud to tell you that we are going equity crowdfunding (read more of what that is here).

MyCarYourRental has been trading for just over a year now, after a long process of research and development. The past year has shown that there is definitely a huge interest in the concept and the peer-to-peer rental market in New Zealand in general. We believe that our concept is definitely on a winning track to stay the biggest and most preferred private car rental site in NZ!

In the past year, we've grown from 0 to 700 cars and several thousand users. It's been amazing, but we are sure it's just the beginning! By the end of the year, the aim is to have more than 2000 cars and 10000 users. For this growth we need you!

The campaign we launch will allow you to purchase shares in the business, starting with an investment of as little as $1000. The whole point of getting funding from the public and not a sole investor is because that's what our users want. More than 85% of our users prefer equity crowdfunding than traditional funding - this says it all!

Make sure you stay tuned, the actual campaign will be launched on the 27th of April and you will off cause be presented with the complete offer document by then.

Let's make business together to show the world how peer-to-peer car rental is done!

Henrik Stovring

Creator & CEO

Now is the chance to get a great deal on a rental car. And it's not just any rental car, it's your neighbours car! brings you more than 750 vehicles all over New Zealand, so no matter if you in Awesome Auckland or Windy Welly we got something for you.

Not convinced? Try to enter your address below and make a search. You'll be surprised how close your next rental car are!

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