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Terms and Conditions Overview

When renting a car through MyCarYourRental it is always the present T&C that are valid, they are found here
To make it easier to understand your different options, we have outlined the difference between your options.
Here is what is covered by out insurance:
Third party damage
With selected excess
With selected excess
With selected excess
Damage to rented vehicle
With selected excess
Damage to glass, tyres etc.
With selected excess (this is considered an accident like any other)
Misuse of rented vehicle
No, insurance won't cover this
Cancellation of rental, you cancel
No, your own travel insurance might cover this
Cancellation of rental, owner cancel
No insurance needed, you will always get a refund.
When it comes to insurance included on the rented car, the cover is always the same. You have full insurance cover when you rent a car through MyCarYourRental, but you can choose to reduce the excess if you meet the criteria of age etc. The options you have will be shown on the booking confirmation page and under the booking. You can purchase any extra cover until shortly before you collect the vehicle under your booking when you are logged in.
What is an excess?
An excess is an amount you will pay in case of an accident. Note that young drivers are covered by the insurance, but the excess can't be reduced. See the rental T&C here
For roadside assistance, you have two options, either the standard cover or extended cover. For examples of what is covered, see this table. For T&C on roadside assistance, please see T&S for renting a vehicle here
You can always get roadside assistance, depending on what cover you choose, you will be charged for the assistance. When assistance is requested the difference is between a mechanical or non-mechanical breakdown - see examples
Fault example
Type of cover ***
Mechanical breakdowns like faulty alternator, brakes or similar
Flat battery due to fault on vehicle
Change to spare tyre
Flat battery due to user fault
Tow of car if stuck**
Key locked out of car
Running out of fuel
Lost key
Delays in travel*
Replacement car*
*Your own travel insurance might cover, please consult with your provider.
** Only if car is used according to the T&C
*** Please note that the roadside assistance will charge a call out fee at the time of call out and credit this again - or if covered by extended cover it will be refunded my MyCarYourRental. All callouts must be informed to MyCarYourRental to be covered.