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Tania T from Auckland

Hi, I live in Auckland with my husband and two daughters. Im a lawyer and my husband is a museum director. We travel a LOT domestically and internationally and having a car is the BEST was way to get around a place so we often end up spending ridiculous amounts on rental cars. I've had my full license by the time I was 18 (way back when you could) and have done heaps of driving since, on light trucks, caravans, 4wd and boats. Did the campervan thing around the South Island many years ago and was hooked on touring. My biggest claim to driving fame is that I'm awesome at backing a trailer (after having done an advanced driver training course - highly recommend. Love driving our beautiful country and will look after your car as my own.
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All good. Rental problems were a reflection of car problems.
Super easy to rent to Tania. She took great care and returned the car on time. Highly recommended.