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How the insurance works

From the momement you handle over the keys, until the second you get them back, our insurance covers. In case of accident your insurance are not affected.
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It's completely free

It is completely free to sign up, both for the car owner and the renter. Only when a vehicle is rented out a share is paid to cover administration and insurance.
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You decide the price

When you list your car, you decide the price. We can recommend how much you should charge, but you decide!
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Handling over your vehicle

You arrange time and location for pick-up and return for the vehicle with the renter. Upon pick-up and return both part sign the rental sheet.
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You are in charge

All renters are pre-screened by us to insure safety, however you decide if you want to accept or decline a renter if you don't feel safe.
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Set payment

Once a month we make payment to your account. You can always see how much your car has erned under your user profile.
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