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Peer to Peer Car Rental NZ

What is Peer to Peer car rental NZ? Peer to Peer car rental (also known as P2P car rental NZ) is all about private people renting out their private vehicles to other private people. In New Zealand MyCarYourRental offers a unique concept that makes the rental process safe for both the car owner and the renter.

Have a look around our site and see all the cars that are listed for rent. No matter if you are looking for a chear runaround, or an exclusive car for business or a date, then it's likely your neighbour will have it for you.

But hey, I have a car I want to list for rent!

No worries, if you are looking to make a bit of extra cash, then list your car for rent. When you sign up, the process of listing a car on a peer to peer car rental NZ site like ours should take much more than five minutes. And the best part is that it's all completely FREE. Sethis page to list your car

So, what makes MyCarYourRental different to other Peer to Peer Car Rental sites?

We have put a lot of effort into building a site that you should enjoy. We are the most feature full site here in New Zealand, and we are improving all the time. Should you miss a feature, then don't hesitate to contact - We will listen to you and improve :-)

Are you ready to try Peer to Peer Car rental in New Zealand?

Will you give it a go? Why not, check out all our great ratings oFacebook. Have a browse around our page. Below you can enter your address to see the vehicles that are located closest to you. There is probable a rental car just around the corner! 


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For Car Owner

For Car Owners

Your car costs money when idle.
Rent it out when your are not using it.

Eearn up to £2,100 each year by
renting out your car to users of Insurance is
included and you choose
who's renting your car.

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For Car Renters

For Renters

Choose between different types of cars
owned by real people near you.
Easy rental per. hour, day,
week or month.

We have no setup fee or ongoing
subscription. You only pay
when you rent a car.

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Safety Insurance

Safety and insurance

All rental include insurance and
roadside assistance. Your existing
insurance is not affected if an
accident should happen.

Safe community with all members.
Rating System and extended member
profiles ensure a safe experience.

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$42/ day
$89/ day
BMW, 318I
$62/ day
Nissan, Teana
$60/ day